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GG Poem

GG is my great grandmother,

She has lived for a century.

All the time that we’ve spent together,

It’s like an adventure, you see!

GG tantalizes and tempts me

With many tasty treats.

Sundays, sorbets, suckers,

And other succulent sweets.

And the stories she tells, oh they are so grand,

The words dance around in the air;

They dazzle the room like stars in the sky,

GG never forgets to add flair.

I love when I see her,

I try to go every Sunday.

She really is great-grandmother,

And that’s all there is to say.

Written by Mark Ewert, pictured here with his dear GG


Of small things with larger insides

With certain sprite, size cannot cage

Step after step, sun-running strides

Fabulously Zoe takes the stage

Dancing, Drama, all with finesse

Handmaking hearts in seven ways

Many talents does she possess

Coaching the grade nine one act plays

Loved well by friends, lover of tea,

Tap dancing guys, by family

Caring of heart, most flexibly

Daresay Hugh Jackman would agree

Of time and effort spent behind the scene

Leading on, a sparkling queen

Written by Sara Cotter about our wonderful Zoe McCullough

Trash Can

Oh trash can, you don’t get as much as credit as you deserve.

You take on so much stress and hatred, like coal aspiring to be a diamond.

Oh trash can, no one ever calls you beautiful,

Even though you help the world with its sorrows.

Oh trash can, I want you to know that you mean something to me.

Without you, the world would be off-balanced, like a table without its fourth leg.

Oh trash can, you need to know that you are loved,

For you are simply a bud aspiring to be a flower.

Oh trash can, thank you.

Written by Emily Olson-Pearson, seen here with her poem displayed on a Vancouver trash can

To Ben

Passion and humour built a great actor

To produce the most beautiful art

Blessed by a composed intensity like no other

Talent and you will never be apart

Those media skills are mad

You have a knack for technology that is rarely found

Your videos make everyone glad

With their imagery and sound

From what I know, I can tell you have a heart of gold

I wish your creativity be forever young and never old

Written by Wendy Zhang

Olivia Reeve

Have you ever seen a river so graceful yet fierce?

Or a lion, with the wind making waves in its soft, golden fur as it runs across blistered sands? Perhaps you have been so fortunate to stand in a storm and feel its chaotic beauty dance around you. Maybe you have stood on a jagged mountain peak and seen the sun rise from its sleep and drag old paintbrushes across the sky, or have you lain on the grass with the night jasmine drifting around you, unable to tear your eyes away from an inky face splashed with stars.

I have.

For it is easy to say you have done all this once you have met the masterpiece that is Olivia Reeve, who’s name rhymes quite nicely with something, something Steve.

Written by Lucie Warrington

The Most Amazing Person in the World, Emily Lei

Prepare for the tale

Of a human, not whale

The simply majestic Emily Lei

Icon, legend, everyone’s bae


Famous for her sparkling wit and endless sarcasm

But no so much enthusiasm

She LOVES sitting in the front row

And can often be found with a sketchbook in tow


There is much I could say about Emily Lei

But then I would be stuck singing praise till my voice ran away

And though “sketchy” may be her most favourite colour

My love for her is truly top dollar

Written by Christine Molnar about her pal, Emily Lei