Shout-out to the Class of 2017: Elsa’s love for pasta

5 Variations on the Theme of Pasta

Monday – macaroni
With celery and carrots
And a little bit of tomato
Bland and watery, with
Empty, hollow centres
Tuesday – tortellini
Small and ring-shaped
Stuffed full of cheese
Seasoned with garlic
And a pinch of pepper
Wednesday – macaroni (again)
Alas, it is as plain and tasteless as I remembered
And yet, I continue, bite after bite
Because what else can I do?
Thursday – triploini
Tiny little bow ties
Bobbing up and down
In a sea of cabbage soup
Friday – fettucine
Wide ribbons of egg and flour
Wide ribbons of egg and flour
With a creamy chicken and mushroom sauce
With a small side of garlic bread
This week has had its ups and downs
Good days, and bad days
Lunches both delicious and unappetizing
And yet one thing remains the same – pasta

By Elsa Yuan, seen here in English 10 Literary Arts, circa 2015