Thoughts of algebra, trigonometry, and calculus echoed through his head,

as he sat there, pondering on top of his bed.

Law of sine, cosine, and tangent all seem good to use.

Guessing and testing, there would be nothing to lose.

His head spun like a dreidel in the starry night sky,

staring at the jumbled mess of numbers as he let out a sigh.

Suddenly, a smile started to grow on his face,

as he cheered in excitement, the answer written right there with elegance and grace.

Eyes glowing of happiness lit up his dark room,

the quadratic formula should be written on my tomb.

Math is so fun! What a great use of time,

he thought to himself, writing down all the numbers of prime.

With a tick and a tock, he heard a loud ring,

jumping in shock, like he had just fallen off a rusty old swing.

4:30 AM? How can it be?

Math contests are just too fun, as one can clearly see.

He reached for his snack, apple pie covered in a thick layer of whipped cream,

as it melted in his mouth, he let out a beam.

Gulping his milk down as fast as a speeding car,

he then took a bite of his extra large chocolate bar.

Fired up and energetic, an urge for music came to his mind,

as he started to play the pi song, so sweet and so kind.


Who knew the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, sounded so divine?

And as the hand on the clock struck 5:00 AM with a buzz,

he began to work on his socials homework, like he normally does.

Written by Nolan Hu about his pal, Jeff Zhang