Now Tara has no parallel,

her many qualities are hard to miss,

her sublime baked goods are no hard sell

and with skiing she does excel;

ski racing was grand, though the gator tan she’ll never miss.

And Tara has no pet peeve

so try to frustrate her; you will not succeed.

The list for her virtuosity doesn’t stop there:

she’s kind and thoughtful and also quite lovely.

Bear with me, I know we’re all a little jealous of the Tara flair.

In fact, although Tara’s life may seem truly sunny,

her relationship with school is not all that bubbly.

Though baking will always steer her away from frets,

you know, not trying her banana muffins will be one of your biggest regrets.

Speaking of food, Tara could eat sushi for days,

but anything infused with water is inedible.

Cukes, peppers, and watermelon is not something she would praise.

And with this rare hostility, her originality is incredible.

So Tara is quite special, yes,

we love you still ’cause you’re the best.

Written by Sabine Fedder about her dear friend, Tara Brudar