Ayumi Yaesawa

Ayumi Yaesawa

That’s my sis

The only sis in the whole wide world

Every minute we always fight

But we’re back to normal like nothing had happened

We’ve been sisters for fourteen years

We’ve never been apart since the day we became sisters

I’m always beside you wherever you go

When I am blue, you cheer me up

When you feel lonely, I make you shine

I’m a little bit sassy, but you never give up on being my sis

We’re like cacti with tons of thorns,

But without the thorns, we’re nothing but plant

Your thorns protect me

My thorns protect you

Our thorns are there to show we’re sibs


You always walk ahead of me

It seems you’re far away from me

I always become a little against you

But you never quit to being my sis

Even when you’re far, we are close

because whenever I need you, you always come back

If I’m lost in the middle of the sea

You’ll appear, calling me name

I’ll hear your voice and I’ll call your name

You’ll turn your back and reach out your hand

I’ll grab your hand

You’ll grab me back

Then you’ll look at me with a big bright smile.


You’re my sis, and I’m your sis

I cannot live without you

I’ll love you forever so

You must love me

Forever and ever

Written by Mizuki Yaesawa, pictured here with her beloved sister, Ayumi, as she presents Ayumi with this beautiful poem and adorable handmade dolls of the two of them