2-3 English 8

Friday, March 13th: We went over THE SIMILE and started writing descriptively about this topic: the perfect place to fall in love. This was handed in. Have a restful and healthy spring break, everyone. Be safe!

Wednesday, March 11th: Shakespeare’s Theatre questions were checked today. Students were given back their Outsiders character paragraphs. We also went over THE METAPHOR and tried our hand at writing metaphors about love.

Monday, March 9th: If you missed today’s quiz, please be sure to schedule a time to write it! This is your responsibility!

For homework, please read and complete today’s handout (A Visit to the Theatre in Shakespeare’s Time). Please make sure to read the instructions – it asks for answers in full sentences. Due Wednesday!

Thursday, March 5th: Use today’s notes to study for the quiz on Monday. If you were away today, you will still be expected to write Monday’s quiz, as warning was given last class AND YOU CAN WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AurAk5ygb8

Tuesday, March 3rd: Please bring your Outsiders novel to return next class if you did not bring it today. Were you away today? We started talking and thinking about Shakespeare today. No homework. For my blog readers: heads up that there will be a quiz on Monday about what we learn next class.

Friday, February 28th: Were you away today? Students chose which of their two paragraphs they want marked. Work was handed back as well; you can find yours in the tray on the classroom shelf. We also finished watching the movie! Please bring your novel to return next class!

Wednesday, February 26th: Were you away today? You missed our second attempt at our in-class paragraph. I can either mark your first attempt, or you can schedule a rewrite for what you missed today. Please let me know asap! Everyone: PLEASE BRING YOUR NOVEL TO RETURN NEXT CLASS.

Monday, February 24th: Next class, we will have our second attempt at an in-class paragraph. Same topic, same task, but a different character. BE SURE TO BRING YOUR OWN COLOURED PENCILS AND YOUR NOVEL!

Reading cards must be in the box on March 3rd before you go home.

Thursday, February 20th:
On Wednesday, February 26th, we will have another attempt at an in-class paragraph. Same topic, character trait of a character in The Outsiders. Be sure to bring your coloured pencils/pens and your novel!
Reading cards must be in the box on March 3rd before you go home. Make sure to clearly draw a line under Term 1 and label your Term 2 total.

Tuesday, February 18th: Were you away today? Then you missed the in-class paragraph on character. See Ms. Liao to reschedule a time to write. You will not be reminded, and you will receive a zero if you do not write this paragraph.

Wednesday, February 12th: In-class paragraph on Tuesday, February 18th. Discuss one character trait – will find out which character upon arrival. You will need the novel, the coloured pencils, and Parts of a Paragraph worksheet (this is a requirement).

The topic: Discuss one of ________________’s character traits. You choose the character trait.

Monday, February 10th: Thank you for your work while I was away last week. Just a reminder that now all brainstorm work has been handed in: the identity brainstorm about yourself and the subsequent brainstorm about a character from the novel.

For homework for Wednesday: please bring coloured pens/pencils/highlighter/a ruler. You will need enough to make a legend.

Heads up for all blog readers: we will be having an in-class write on Tuesday, February 18th! Details will be given in class on Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 4th: If you didn’t hand in the classwork today, please make sure to finish it for next class! If you were away today, finish the Identity classwork that was due today. Miss Henning also visited regarding course planning today, so you should also pop by her office to see her before Friday.


Friday, January 31st: Were you away today? We finished the last two book presentations and went over our Outsiders tests. For homework, please finish your personal brainstorm about yourself and your identity. Remember, the objective is to think thoughtfully and critically about who you are as a person, and what aspects of your life have shaped who you are. There are no right or wrong answers, but there are more thoughtful and insightful ones. I’ve attached the class brainstorm to help you. This is due next class.

Wednesday, January 29th: Great job, everyone! Sorry that we ran out of time yet again. We will see Alvar’s and Erica’s presentations on Friday. See you all then!

Monday, January 27th: Thank you so much for your book pamphlets and presentations today! If you did not get to present today because we ran out of time, be ready to present on Wednesday. See you then!


Friday, January 17th: Were you away today? We brainstormed and discussed factors that shape and mold a person’s identity. We also talked about what our BOOK TALKs, as in, how we will present our book review pamphlets on the 27th. These are short presentations that will be marked completely separately from the actual pamphlet. If you were away, you should go to the shelf in the classroom and get a handout.

Monday, January 13th: Great work, everyone! Thank you for your insightful writing and comments today. No homework for next class, but remember that your book review pamphlet is due on January 27th. Were you away today? Cherry Valance work was collected. Students wrote about and discussed:

  1. To what extent do your parent(s)/guardian(s) shape who you are? Be specific.
  2. What do you plan to do when you are finished high school?
  3. What factors in life do you believe have been the most important in determining who you are as a person?
  4. Think about how the characters in this novel have their lives predetermined for them due to their parents, social class, and economic situation. Discuss. Feel free to focus on one or two characters to help you with your answer.

Their work was handed in.

Thursday, January 9th: For next class, finish your Cherry Valance work. Here is a reminder of the topic:

Write from the perspective of Cherry Valance. Your writing may be narrative and/or descriptive. These are the only two requirements.

If you were away today, you missed an important test. Be sure to book a time with Ms. Liao to write this test as soon as possible. Failure to book a time for this test will result in a zero!

Tuesday, January 7th: HAPPY NEW YEAR! WELCOME BACK! OPEN NOVEL TEST on The Outisders next class (January 9th). The test covers the entire novel. You can expect short answer, multiple choice, name the speaker, and matching questions. Bring your novel or you will have to write the test without access to it.

Were you away today? We went over our in-class writes from December and learned/practiced how to look words up in a dictionary. Students then wrote a narrative/descriptive piece with this requirement: WRITTEN FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF CHERRY VALANCE. This work was handed in.

Wednesday, December 18th: A reminder: finish The Outsiders for January. We will be having an open novel test on January 9th; details given on January 7th (first day back to English class). Also, book review pamphlets are due on January 27th. MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!

Monday, December 16th: BRING YOUR SILENT READING BOOK (you will have to finish The Outsiders for January and your Book Review Pamphlet is due on January 27th) and A MUG for our Silent Reading Party next class. Bringing your book is worth marks, bringing your mug is optional if you want tea. Feel free to bring snacks to share. Shout-out to Emily and William for their big win today.

Thursday, December 12th: Sorry that I was away last class, everyone. Thank you for your hard work while I was gone. For next class, finish reading chapter four!

P.S. For people who forgot their chapter 1-3 questions at home today, you can e-mail it to me at dliao@vsb.bc.ca or bring it next class (I won’t remember to ask you!).

Friday, December 6th: If you were away today, see Ms. Liao about when you can write your in-class write. FOR NEXT CLASS, READ CHAPTERS ONE AND TWO of The Outsiders.

Wednesday, December 4th: Hope you enjoyed cheering on our school basketball team today. See you on Friday for our in-class write.

Monday, December 2nd: Next class, December 4th, we will have an in-class write. The topic will be narrative and/or descriptive.

Three will be a selection from the five that we have written in class:

  1. Your favourite room.
  2. A marshmallow eating experience.
  3. From the perspective of the marshmallow.
  4. Waiting for a test to begin.
  5. Christmas

And a fourth topic will be new.

  • You will have access to a classroom dictionary and/or thesaurus.
  • You may have your yellow Literary Terms Guide on your desk if you want.
  • Your composition should have more than one paragraph and should be a minimum of 300 words.
  • Your composition may be narrative and/or descriptive.

Thursday, November 28th: Were you away today? Students wrote a narrative and/or descriptive piece on this topic: WAITING FOR A TEST TO BEGIN. This was collected at the end of class. Heads up: we will be having an in-class write (narrative and/or descriptive) on December 4th. More details to come on Monday.

Tuesday, November 26th: Were you away today? Students wrote from the perspective of the marshmallow that we ate last class (narrative and/or descriptive. This was collected at the end of class. ALSO, READING CARDS WERE COLLECTED AND ARE NOW OVERDUE.

Friday, November 22nd: Were you away today? We focused on writing descriptively by appealing to the five senses. Students described their experience eating a marshmallow (which we ate in class); this work was handed in. READING CARDS DUE ON NOVEMBER 26th.

Wednesday, November 20th: Were you away today?

  • Reading cards need to be finished (please do the math and write the total amount of pages read) and in the box before you go home on November 26th.
  • Book Review Pamphlet is due on January 27th.
  • We went over the grammar tests.
  • We brainstormed descriptive writing! And tried our hand at it. Students described their favourite room.

Monday, November 18th: Were you away today? We went to the library to learn about our Book Pamphlet Assignment, an independent book study that will be due in late January. If you were away, please come get your assignment sheet from Ms. Liao. You’ll have to go to the library to choose your book and let the librarian know the title of the book you choose.

Thursday, November 14th: CONGRATS! You finished the test! Please bring your GoCard to class on Monday. We will be going to the library.

Tuesday, November 12th: Below are the answers for today’s worksheet on apostrophes and end punctuation. Please note that this will be included on THURSDAY’S OPEN BINDER GRAMMAR TEST!

Wednesday, November 6th: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SHORT STORIES TODAY! And for bravely allowing your classmates to read them!

HOMEWORK: Bring your completed punctuation grammar worksheet on Tuesday, November 12th. REMINDER: We are going to have our OPEN BINDER GRAMMAR TEST on Thursday, November 14th.


  1. Bring a hard copy of your story to hand in (as in, printed on paper).
  2. Bring some kind of proof that you submitted your story, or e-mail me your proof beforehand. If you don’t want to enter the contest, bring a note from your parent/guardian excusing you.
  3. Title page is TOTALLY OPTIONAL and only for bonus. There is no expectation that you include a title page.


Tuesday, October 29th: Don’t forget to work on your CBC contest entries! Due date is NOVEMBER 6th!

Thursday, October 24th: Remember to check your answers for the sentences worksheet below (up until next Wednesday). How are your CBC contest entries going? Don’t forget they’re due on November 6th!

Tuesday, October 22nd: Were you away today? We finished reading “The Man with the Yellow Face.” Here are the answers for the sentences worksheet that you were given back today. The answers will be up for one week.

Friday, October 18th: Were you away today? We read the opening of a short story and continued writing what happened next. Remember that the sentences worksheet is due next class: Tuesday, October 22nd. 

Wednesday, October 16th: Today’s grammar sheet on sentences is due on Tuesday, October 22nd. If you were away, there are extras on the shelf for when you get back!

Wednesday, October 9th: HAVE FUN AT CAMP!

Thursday, October 3rd: On Monday, we will be writing another formal literary analysis paragraph IN CLASS. You will be given the short story and a dictionary. You can use your Parts of a Paragraph notes if you like, so bring it with you. The question: Discuss one of Andrew’s character traits from Martha Brooks’ short story, “What I Want to Be When I Grow Up”

ALSO! Today’s large grammar worksheet due on Wednesday, October 9th.

Tuesday, October 1st: Were you away today? Students received their “Side Bet” paragraphs, and we reviewed how to write a formal literary analysis paragraph.

A heads up: on Monday, we will be writing another formal literary analysis paragraph IN CLASS. The question will ask you to discuss one of Andrew’s character traits from “What I Want to Be When I Grow Up.” You will have approximately 50 minutes to write this paragraph. Here is the story again: https://fongupdates.files.wordpress.com/2018/09/what-i-want-to-be-when-i-grow-up.pdf. Here are the notes we took in class again: http://lordbyng.net/liao/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Parts-of-a-paragraph-2019-2.doc

Friday, September 27th: Please bring back your giant worksheet next class – this will be treated as a homework check.

If you were at the Climate Strike today: we finished watching Grammar Rocks, checked answers, and sorted words into the appropriate categories on the back. Please check these answers with a friend, as we won’t be going over that again in class.

Students started a second worksheet, which reviewed nouns, adjectives, verbs, etcetera, which they put in their binder and are bringing back on Tuesday. You’ll get one then.

Wednesday, September 25th: Please bring back your Grammar Rocks sheet next class – this will be treated as a homework check. See you then!

Monday, September 23rd: For next class, please read Martha Brooks’ short story, “What I Want to Be When I Grow Up”: https://fongupdates.files.wordpress.com/2018/09/what-i-want-to-be-when-i-grow-up.pdf. We will have a little quiz to check that you read it.

As I mentioned today, we will be entering a CBC short story contest, due in November. Details are here: https://www.cbc.ca/books/new-cbc-creative-writing-challenge-invites-students-to-imagine-canada-s-future-in-150-years-1.4269274. Please look it over and bring any questions that you have to next class! I will have a handout for you then with further details.

Thursday, September 19th: REWRITE (don’t just make corrections on your old work) your “Side Bet” paragraph USING WHAT WE LEARNED TODAY. Due on Monday. Bring it on paper, whether typed or handwritten. Here is the story: http://www.aashley.weebly.com/uploads/4/3/8/2/4382474/side_bet_short_story.pdf. Here are notes from today to help you:

Tuesday, September 17th: If you didn’t hand in today’s homework, you should as soon as possible. Late assignments can be e-mailed to dliao@vsb.bc.ca. Thank you for your input and feedback about paragraph writing today, and a special thank you to people who allowed their work to be viewed anonymously on the board. Hope you found/will find it helpful. NO HOMEWORK for Thursday. SEE YOU THEN!

Friday, September 13th: Thank you for your insightful thoughts today! For homework:

  • Write one paragraph on this topic: Discuss one of the character traits of the man in Will F. Jenkins’ short story, “Side Bet.” To write this paragraph, you’ll probably need the story again. Here it is: http://www.aashley.weebly.com/uploads/4/3/8/2/4382474/side_bet_short_story.pdf Please bring your paragraph either typed and printed out on paper, or written by hand. It won’t be marked in detail; just do your best. I’d just like to see what your writing is like so that we know what skills we need to work on next class. Below is the chart that we worked on in class. Feel free to look at it to help you write your paragraph.
  • You’ll get your GoCard on Monday afternoon. Please bring it to English class with you on Tuesday, September 17th!

Wednesday, September 11th: Here is the short story that we read today. We will talk about it on Friday! Feel free to review: http://www.aashley.weebly.com/uploads/4/3/8/2/4382474/side_bet_short_story.pdf

Monday, September 9th: We finished talking about course expectations today, including the topic of plagiarism. Please read through the plagiarism contract, and sign it with your parent/guardian for next class (Wednesday, September 11th).

Thursday, September 5th: It was great meeting you all! Today we went over the course outline. If you were away, you can get a copy in our classroom on the extras shelf. As we discussed today, please bring a silent reading book on Monday. To remind you what kind of silent reading book: something school and age appropriate that YOU ENJOY and ARE INTERESTED IN with countable pages. (As agreed, no children’s books, picture books, magazines, newspapers, textbooks from other classes, dictionaries, thesauruses, comics, or books in languages other than English. One graphic novel per term is fine.) Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!