Grade 8

Welcome to the grade 8 section!

Here you’ll find:

  • Downloads for HW lists and any handouts.
  • Also included below is a link to the main Byng Math 8 page, which has lessons, videos, explanations, and extra practice organized into each unit.
  • Secondly, there is a link to Byng’s customed-designed grade 8 math textbook, which I may photocopy to teach from, depending on the unit.

Lessons, explanations, and exercises for each section of the curriculum:

Math 8 Workbook – Parent (and student) Guide

Byng’s own custom-designed grade 8 workbook, free downloadable PDFs by section:

Math 8

HW Lists:

MA8 Unit 7 HW

“Unit 5” HW List

5.6 – p. 197: #2, 3, 5ace, (4, 6)aceĀ  Chall: 7, 8

5.8 Chapter Review – p.205: Do questions from section 5.1 to 5.6

Skeleton Notes:

These are not a replacement for taking notes in class. These notes are often incomplete, sometimes out of order, and many things discussed and written in class are not present in these.

MA8 Unit 8.6

MA8 Unit 8.3

MA8 Unit 8.2

MA8 Unit 8.1

MA8 7.6

MA8 7.5

MA8 7.3

MA8 7.2

MA8 7.1

MA8 Unit 5.1

MA8 Unit 5.2

MA8 Unit 5.4

MA8 Unit 5.5

Answer Key for Unit Packages:

Knowledge Checklists:

MA8 Unit 5 Checklist

MA8 CH5 Checklist


Graphs Practice

SA and Volume Practice

Exponent Law Review WS

Pythagoras WS

MA8 Product Exponent Rule

MA8 Power of powers

MA8 Quotient Exponent Rule