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Oct 2 18

Math Contests 2019-2020

by Byng Math

Registration for math contests this year can be accessed here or by clicking on the link above. Math contests are open to all students in that grade level. Please note the following:

  • You will receive email reminders about contest dates and locations. Please ensure that your email is correct and that you check for reminders. Make sure you arrive to the contest on time, and with all required materials.
  • The contest entry fees have been generously funded by the PAC. Please ensure that you are able to commit to the contest date before signing up. “No-shows” may be charged the contest entry fees and/or barred from participation in future contests.
  • I will email you results when I receive them. Please keep these results in a safe place so that you can reference them when needed for post-secondary applications.
  • Certificates can be picked up in Room 301 once I receive them; please look out for the email.

We encourage everyone to participate in math contests! Please see Mr. Yee in Room 301 if you have any questions about contests.

Oct 31 17


by Byng Math


Oct 23 16


by Byng Math

The material is posted, and can be accessed under Courses–>Precalculus 12.

Or, go here.

Sep 12 15


by Byng Math

The COMC is a 2.5 hour long contest intended for senior math students. It will be held Thursday November 5th in the library during blocks 2-1 and 2-2.

Registration ends Friday October 9th.



Jun 8 15

Incoming Grade 8 students for Sept 2015

by Byng Math

Please visit the following link to find important assessment and review/practice on skills you need to have mastered from elementary school to ensure success in Math 8. We strongly suggest working on this over the summer.

May 25 15

June Final Exam Schedule (all exams in class)

by Byng Math

Math 8: Part 1 – Thurs/Fri June 11/12, Part 2 – Mon/Tues June 15/16
Math 9: June 15/16
Math 10: Practice Provincial – June 15/16, Provincial Exam – June 23
Foundations of Math 11: June 17/18
Pre-Calculus 11: Non-calculator & written – June 15/16, Multiple choice – June 17/18
Foundation Math 12: June 16
Pre-Calculus 12: June 10/11
Calculus 12: June 15/16

See your Math teacher for more info.

Apr 21 15

Math 9 Challenge Exam

by Byng Math

This exam is open to any grade 8 student who has been studying Math 9 independently and wants to challenge the course. It takes place Monday May 4th, 9:00-12:00 in room 300. Please be there by 8:50. No calculators allowed. Once you have registered please be sure to mark the date and time in your agenda and don’t forget about it. This exam, if you score high enough, will allow you to move into Math 10. Placement into Math 10 will depend on timetabling and space in Math 10 and thus no guarantee is made.
Registration is now closed. Se you Monday.

Feb 11 15

Euclid Contest registration open

by Byng Math

Registration is now closed. This contest is a 2.5 hour written contest whcih will take place during 1-1 and 1-2 in the library. This contest is intended for students who are in Pre-Calc 11 or above. Special exceptions may be considered, contact Mr. Cacchioni or see him in room 300 before registering if you are not in Pre-Calc 11 or higher.

Jan 5 15

Pascal/Cayley/Fermat contest registration closes Feb 4th

by Byng Math

Registration is now now closed. Contest is period 1-1 cafeteria (Gr. 8/9 Pascal) and in the library (Gr. 10/11 Cayley Fermat) on Tuesday February 24. See the Contest and Problem Solving page for registration, more info and practice contests. Please make sure if you signed up, you show up. If for any reason you are unable to write the contest, see Mr. Cacchioni as soon as you know so someone can take your place.

Sep 29 14

AMC 10/12 registration now closed

by Byng Math

Registration is now closed. Contest is period 2-1 cafeteria on Tuesday February 3. See the Contest and Problem Solving page for more info and practice contests. Please make sure if you signed up, you show up. NOTE: due to the midterm exam week being changed, this contest now falls during the double block week, in which there may be midterm exams. Please check with your 2-1 to see if you have a midterm that day, if you do, there may be a chance your teacher will let you write during another block (but don’t expect this). However, if not (which is most likely, and midterms take priority over math contests), you will not be able to write the AMC on that day. It may still be possible to write at another school on Feb 25. See Mr. Cacchioni if this applies to you.