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by Byng Math on October 2nd, 2016

This school year, students will be registering for any and all contests at one time.  At the registration page, students will indicate which contests they wish to write.  Each contest has a brief “indication” of the group it is appropriate for.  For example, the COMC is a very difficult contest, with the aim of identifying Olympiad contenders.  This contest is appropriate for top grade 11 and 12 students, and extraordinary students below this level.  The CISC, on the other hand, is more accessible, and any grade 9 or 10 student interested is encouraged to sign up.  We are relying on you to make appropriate choices here.  The Math Department may check to see if students have selected appropriate contests based on their grade level and ability.

We offer a few other contests than are shown, but they are either invitational, or restricted to our enriched program.

For a list of our contests, go here: MATH CONTESTS

To register for contests, go here: REGISTER

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