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Incoming Grade 8 Challenge Exams

With schools being closed currently, the Math 8 challenge exam originally scheduled for Tuesday May 19th, 2020 has been cancelled

We have considered different options with consideration to safety of students and staff, planning of timetables for next school year and available resources and have made the difficult decision to cancel the Math 8 challenge exam for this year. 

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate our roles of educating students remotely.

Purpose: The Math 8 challenge exam will identify students who demonstrate a superior knowledge of all areas of the Math 8 curriculum and recommend them for Math 9.

Challenge Exam Content: The exam will require students to demonstrate superior knowledge of requisite concepts important for success in the Math 9 course. Topics include:

  • Numbers (divisibility rules, prime and composite numbers, prime factorization)
  • Integer operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, order of operations)
  • Fractions (simplifying fractions, operations and decimal conversions)
  • Ratios, rates and percent (operations, word problems)
  • Algebra (evaluating expressions, combining terms, distributive property, solving multi-step equations, graphing basic functions).
  • Exponents (exponent laws, square roots, Pythagorean theorem)
  • Geometry (angles, definitions, parallel lines, triangles, quadrilaterals)
  • Measurement (area of quadrilaterals, triangles and circles, perimeter, surface area and volume).

Please see the following for a list of topics and links to reference material.

We are not able to provide preparation materials for the challenge exam.

Time and Location:

Date:            Tuesday May 19th, 2020 8:50 am 

Location:     Lord Byng Secondary Library

Time:            The exam will need to be completed within 90 minutes. No calculators are permitted.

The exam will end around 10:30 am. Parents can pick their child up at this time.


If you believe your child meets the requirements for the challenge exam, please follow procedures outlined below:

  • Ensure that your child is able to confidently work through the Math 8 curriculum under timed conditions.
  • Please provide your details and contact info here so you can be notified of results.
  • Your child’s Grade 7 teacher must email to recommend your child to write the Math 8 challenge exam. Please ask your child’s teacher to provide your child’s full legal name and name of elementary school. Only students who have been recommended by their Grade 7 teacher through email will be permitted to write the exam. No walk-ins accepted.
  • Recommendation emails from Grade 7 teacher must be received by Friday 8th May, 2020. No late recommendations are accepted to facilitate planning for the exam.
  • If your child is able to demonstrate a superior knowledge of the Math 8 material, their names will be forwarded to the Grade 8 counsellor for placement into Math 9. If not, they will be placed in Math 8 for the next school year.
  • There will be no other opportunities to write the Math 8 challenge exam. Please ensure that your child is available and ready to write the Math 8 challenge exam on the given date.