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5For the 2016-17 school year:
ADVANCED PLACEMENT CALCULUS:  It is recommended that students have completed Pre-Calculus 12 (Enriched preferred) with at least 86% prior to attempting this course.

CALCULUS 12 may be taken concurrently with Pre-Calculus 12 as stand-alone courses (or, see below):   It is recommended that students have over 86% in Pre-Calculus 11 or at least 73% in Pre-Calculus 12 for success in Calculus 12.

There will be a double block of Pre-Calculus 12/Calculus 12 for those students who complete Pre-Calculus 11 this year and will be in grade 12 next year.  Students should have a minimum of 80% in Pre-Calculus 11 to request this double course. Pre-Calculus 12 will be taught from September to January (one block every day). Calculus 12 will begin once the Pre-Calculus 12 course is concluded, until June (as well, one block every day).  Students who sign up for this course are required to stay in the course for the entire year.  After the course change/drop deadline in September, students will not be allowed to drop this double course. Preference will be given to Grade 12 students;  Grade 11 students may be accepted into this class with permission.


The new math 10,11,12 courses information sheet courtesy of the BCAMT

Another brochure describing the new pathways (including some FAQ’s)