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Lord Byng PAC Meeting Wednesday, February 25

February 25th, 2015 · Uncategorized

Please join us at the next Lord Byng Secondary School PAC meeting, Wednesday, February 25 at 7pm.

Please take a moment to review the agenda:

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Start Saving up for the next Grad Bottle Drive

February 25th, 2015 · Uncategorized

Parents!  The next Grad Bottle Drive is coming up on Saturday, April 11th so please save all your bottles & cans over the next few months and bring them to the Byng parking lot (on Wallace, between 15th & 16th) between 10:00am – 2:00pm.


We are very grateful to all those who have supported the bottle drives thus far. You have helped us raise almost $2500!   We appreciate the continued support from the Byng community.

Thank you very much on behalf of all the 2015 grads and grad parents.

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Minutes of PAC Meeting January 28, 2015

February 25th, 2015 · Uncategorized

For a copy of the Draft minutes of the January 28, 2015 PAC meeting, please click on the following links:

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Happy February and Happy Chinese New Year!

February 18th, 2015 · Uncategorized

Dear Byng Parents,

Happy Chinese New Year!  It has been almost four months since Christine, Tracey, Mary and I began our positions as the new Table Officers of PAC so I felt it was time to share what we have learned so far and explain some of the goals for the rest of the year.

I would like to begin by saying that it is a great honour to be representing Lord Byng and to build on the achievements of previous parent volunteers in our school community.  In particular, I would like to acknowledge the contributions made by last year’s PAC:

  • Inviting Terry Small, Patti Drobot and other educational speakers to our school
  • Continuing to coordinate the school’s main fundraiser, the Gift Card Program
  • Initiating a new fundraiser, The Spring Byng Market

These accomplishments are a result of hundreds of volunteer hours by dedicated parents. As your new PAC Chair, I understand the amount of work involved so I would like you to join me in thanking last year’s PAC for all their efforts the previous year.

Given the late start, this year’s PAC faces some time challenges.  However, we know that by working together we can support each other to fulfill our duties and achieve our goals.

Our first goal is to update the Lord Byng PAC bylaws and constitution and to align them with directives from the School Act of BC as well as other secondary schools. We will be presenting a draft for a vote at the General PAC meeting on April 29th.

The draft will be on the PAC website after Spring Break and we invite all parents to read it and provide us with feedback. You can post your comments, send an email to lordbyngschoolpac@gmail.com or come to an information night in early April.

The second goal is to improve communication at Byng. The events of last May and October underscored the commitment of our members. We will use this experience and knowledge to create a more engaged and vibrant school community through enhanced communication.

Work on communication has begun under the direction of Simon Pavitt and a committee of parents, who are revamping the Byng PAC website. Our aim is to make the site dynamic and user-friendly, allowing parents, staff and students to post content in both English and Mandarin. By adding social media links of Facebook, Twitter and WeChat as well, we hope it will become a visually inviting place, highlighting the school life and culture that we all know as Byng.

As part of the ongoing fundraising duties of the PAC, we would like to share with you our latest program and third goal: I Heart Byng, a Direct Appeal to raise $100,000 by April 15th. By giving to I Heart Byng, you will help fund numerous items not covered by our provincial government. Please check the E-Bulletin or PAC website for more details.

Finally, plans are underway for a social where parents can come together for a fun night out and get to know more members of our school community. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting goal!

Thank you so much for your continued support and please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns about PAC.


Jake Fry

PAC Chair

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Happy February and Happy Chinese New Year!

February 18th, 2015 · Uncategorized

亲爱的Lord Byng家长:


首先我想说代表Lord Byng在我们的学校社区继续传承以前家长志愿者的成就是我巨大的荣耀。我特别想指出去年的家委会成员所做的贡献:

邀请Terry Small,Patti Drobot和其他教育工作者到我们学校继续协作学校的主要募款活动,礼物卡项目启动一个新的募款活动——Byng新春市场



我们第一个目标是更新Lord Byng家委会的规章制度和章程使之与其他中学一样符合BC省学校法规。我们将会在4月29日的家委会常规会议上提供一个草案进行表决。这个草案将会在春假之后上传到家委会网站。我们邀请所有家长查阅并给予我们回馈。您可以随时发表您的意见和建议,发邮件到lordbyngschoolpac@gmail.com或者亲自参加四月初的信息咨询晚会。


沟通交流已经在Simon Pavitt和一个改进Byng家委会网站的家长委员会指导下进行。我们的宗旨是让网站保持动态并容易使用,允许家长,教工和学生发布英文和中文内容。通过添加社交媒体链接如脸书,推特和微信等,我们希望它会成为一个视觉上吸引人的地方,突出学校生活和文化,一个我们都知道的Byng。

作为正在进行筹款的家委会职责的一部分,我们希望和您分享我们最近的一个项目,也是第三个目标,我心爱罗宾(I Heart Byng),一个直接筹款活动,在4月15日之前筹到$100,000. 通过参与我心爱罗宾,您将帮助到大量不在省政府拨款资助之列的项目。详情请查阅电子公告(E-Bulletin)或者家委会网站。




Jake Fry

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