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World’s Fastest Computer

by Mr. Pelletier on November 5th, 2011

The Japanese Supercomputer known only as “K” has the world record for most calculations per second, hitting 10 quadrillion calculations per second (10.51 petaflops).  According to the artilce, “the supercomputer “K” consists of 864 racks, comprising a total of 88,128 interconnected CPUs and has a theoretical calculation speed of 11.28 petaflops, the companies said.” What do they use this beast computer for?  Mostly for very realistic simulations of the real world, such as weather patterns or how materials behave under different conditions.  But, I suspect the engineers are playing Crysis every night on maximum settings.


Also notice it is powered by Pylons.


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  1. Philip permalink

    I was going to look at photoshop hw until i saw the word pylon.

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