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AP Compsci (2012-13)

General Information

Personal Project Resources

  • The Cherno has made a great Java game development youtube series that teaches you to develop complex Java games from the ground up, using only raw Java (no 3rd party libraries).
  • LWJGL:  The Light Weight Java Game Library comes highly recomended as a Java game library.  Although it is not simple like GreenFoot, it does enable the creation of commercial quality games.  Here is a youtube tutorial series on using it.
  • jBox2d:  A java physics engine that can be imported as a library into other code bases, such as LWJGL.

 Unit 1: Hardware, Software, and the Internet

Unit 2:  An Introduction to Java and BlueJ

Unit 3:  Computer Science and Karel J Robot

Unit 4: Java Programming Fundamentals

Unit 5: Strings

Unit 6: Object Oriented Programming

Unit 7: Arrays and ArrayLists

Midterm Project

Recursion And Sorting

GridWorld Finale and Inheritence

Exam Preparation

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