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Project 2a – Choose Your Own Adventure

In this project, you will be creating an interactive animated story in which the viewer can make choices that affect the outcome of the story.

Example Project by Linnea Ritland
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Required Elements

  1.  An animated story, richly animated with characters, costume changes, transitions, music and sound effects, and background changes.
  2. A minimum of 2 branching points in the story, where the viewer can choose how the story will unfold.
  3. Choices will be made by creating clickable buttons that will activate broadcasts to control the flow of the story.
  4. Buttons must be tactile.  In other words, when your mouse moves over them, they should change costume or have effects applied to them to make them appear highlighted, indicating that they can be clicked.
  5. Your game should begin with an “start” screen that introduces the game.


How Quality Will Be Judged

  1. Quality of the animation, including graphics, transitions, music / sound effects, and dialogue / story line.
  2. Complexity of the story line.  A project will not be eligible for an A / A+ mark with only the minimum number of branching points.



  1. Choose Your Own Adventure Demo
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