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Project 3 – Crash and Burn

Crash and Burn


  1. Collisions:  Sprites in your project should be able to detect collisions with other spirtes.
  2. Life Variable:  You should have a variable that keeps track of how many lives (or hit points) you have.  Collisions should reduce this number.  When you get to zero lives, the game should end.
  3. Additional Variables:  Create at least one other variable that has an impact on your game.  For example, you could have an ammo variable that keeps track of bullets, and when you run out of bullets you can’t use your gun.
  4. Sprite-Based Variable Counter:  Create a sprite that reports the value of a variable with its costumes.  See the demo project for an example (the hearts that indicate how many lives you have).
  5. Intro and Help Screen:  Your game should start with an animated start screen which provides you with the option to view an instruction screen that explains how to play your game.


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