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AP Compsci

General Information

Unit 1: Computer Fundamentals

    • 1.1: Number Systems
    • 1.2: Hardware, Software, and Software Engineering.  Read Chapters 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 (available here).  Make sure you can define the following terms from Chapter 1:1.1 Terms: CPU, Logic Gates, AND, OR, NOT, Transistors, Bit, Byte
      1.2.1 Terms: CPU Clock, Address Bus, Data Bus
      1.2.2 Terms: BIOS, RAM, ROM, EPROM
      1.2.3 Terms: Hard Disk
      1.3 Terms: Application, Console Application, GUI, Operating System, Software Environment


  • 1.3: Programming Languages:  compilers, interpreters, and Java.  Please read 2.1-2.3 in the textbook for a summary of the lecture for this material.

Unit 2: Java Fundamentals

Unit 3: Strings as an Introduction to Objects

  • CodingBat questions []:
    • String-1: first column
    • String-2: first column.
  • Custom CodingBat questions
  • Hallowe’en Assignment: File Input/Output! Download the Cthulhu (undated Nov 1st) project and write a program or programs that open cthulhu.txt and
    • remove all the leading spaces from each line
    • count how many words are in the file (a word is defined as one or more characters separated by spaces).
    • replace all instances of the word “Cthulhu” with a word of your choice.

Unit 4: Object Oriented Programming

Unit 5: Arrays and Lists

  • 5-1: Array Basics Do Array-1, first column
  • 5-2: Arrays and Loops Do Array-2, first column
  • 5-3: 2D Arrays Do Chomp! from the text book, download files here
  • 5-4: Gridworld and Critters.  Work through the Gridworld Student Manual sections 3 and 4, doing the “Did You Know?” questions at the end of each subsection.  In doing so, you will become more familiar with GridWorld’s classes and methods.  Then, do the programming exercises at the end of Section 4 (p 35)
  • 5-5: ArrayLists assignment.  Read Ch13 in the Litvin textbook and do exercises 1-9, starting on page 378.
  • Unit 5 Study Guide
  • Old Exam 1, Old Exam 2

Midyear Project

 Recursion and Algorithms

  • Recursion reading (Textbook p87-92)
  • Try our in-class coding exercises in the handout folder
  • CodingBat recursion-1:  try the following problems: factorial, bunnyEars, fibonacci, bunnyEars2, triangle, sumDigits, count7, powerN, countX, countHi, changePi, noX, array6, array11, pairStar,strCount, strCopies

Odds and Ends

Exam Preparation

The 2014 AP Compsci Exam will be on May 6th at 8 a.m.

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