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Download Python 2.6.2: This is the version we are using in class.  You might be wondering why we aren’t using Python 3.0.  Well, it’s true that 3.0 is the future of Python, but it is very new and does not support a lot of the great libraries out there that make programming in Python so fun.

Pygame: We’ll be using this well-respected module in the future to create games in Python.

The Hazel Tree: A website that has gathered together some of the most well-respected python resources on the web. Still growing.

Lessons and Assignments

Python Assignment #1

In this introductory Python assignment, you’ll learn the basics of Python. Using IDLE, Python’s built-in shell, you will write some basic programs that will help you understand variables and types, input and output, and how to build and run Python programs.

Python Assignment #2

In this assignment, you will learn to make functions, which are like mini-programs that run inside your main program.  Functions give you the power to define new words in python, and to reuse code so you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel.

Python Assignment #3

In this assignment, we will learn to make our python programs make decisions using “if“, “elif“, and “else” statements.

Python Assignment #4

In this assignment, we’re going to learn how to use repetition in python using “while” loops.

Python Assignment 5

Additional Python Resources