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Why I Play StarCraft

I am not a huge video game person anymore.  Busy adult life has reduced my video game playing to the occasional Tetris or Dr. Mario battle with friends, and perhaps some Street Fighter 2 Turbo on the weekend.  However, I always find time for StarCraft. 

Why?  To me, StarCraft is on the same level as Chess.  It is incredibly fun, intellectually challenging, requires tremendous skill, and has layer upon layer of strategy that you can endlessly analyze.  There is a great community of people on the Internet who play the game, and an established professional gaming scene that produces exciting videos of the best players in the world facing down for huge prizes.

Most of all, StarCraft never gets old.  Like Chess, you can never master the game.  Even the best players can always get better, learn new tactics and strategies, or develop their own unique play styles.  I don’t plan to ever be the best in the world, but pursuing excellence at anything is rewarding, and this is one of the things I choose to excel at.

Learning StarCraft 2

Learning about StarCraft 2?  Here are some great sites:

Day[9] Daily

Day[9], famous StarCraft 2 progamer and caster, does a daily show that helps you become a better StarCraft player. I have learned so much from watching his videos!  Some of the best for beginner players are:

Abedisi’s Terran Tutorials

Abedisi is a 3500 level Masters Terran player who has compiled a set of Terran tutorials on various builds and techniques that he finds successful on the ladder.  Check it out, Terran players!

Making Maps In Brood War

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