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Scratch and BYOB

Scratch Resources The official Scratch web site.  Find forums, awesome projects, and documentation to help inspire your next project and help you went you get stuck.  This is also the place you can download Scratch for use at home. This site has a wide range of video tutorials to help you learn how to program in Scratch.  Some of the tutorials connect directly to the projects we are doing in class.

BYOB Resources This site includes downloads for BYOB and tutorials to learn how to use it.

Game Design Resources  Huge resource of royalty-free music for use in your projects



  1. Project 1 – Name Animation
  2. Project 2 – Choose Your Own Adventure
  1. Project 3 – Crash and Burn
  2. Project 4 – Advanced Sprite Animation
  3. Project 5a – Robot Battle Arena requirementsrobotArenaSample2012
  4. Project 5b – Advanced Sprite Game
  5. Final Projects