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For these projects you will want to use the Tribot building instructions to create a simple 2-wheeled robot.

Task 1 – Square Dancing: Program Tribot to drive in a perfect square (approximately 1/2 meter sides). Make sure to carefully measure the wheel diameter and wheelbase distance, and test and change values until you are getting perfect 90 degree turns.

Task 2 – The Clapper: Program Tribot to listen for a clapping sound using the touch sensor.  When it hears a clap, it should clap too, using its claws.

Task 3 – Ball Grabber: This program will use the ball holder as well as Tribot.  Program Tribot to drive forward with claws open.  When Tribot collides with the ball holder (detected with the touch sensor), close the claws, pick up the ball, and make Tribot do a little dance (whatever you like).

Task 4 – Line Prisoner: Program Tribot to drive around on the test pad.  If the robot encounters the black line, it should stop, turn, and then resume driving forward.  The goal is to make sure it always stays inside the test pad.  It should stop when you press the escape button.

Task 5 – Line Rider: Program Tribot to follow the black line on the test pad like a train follows the train tracks.  It should stop when you press the escape button.

Task 6 – Intrepid Explorer: Program Tribot to roam about the classroom.  Tribot should use its  ultrasonic sensor to make sure it turns before it collides with a wall, chair, human, or another Tribot.  It should stop when you press the escape button, at which point it will display how far it traveled on the screen.



Robotics Event 1: The Obstacle Course Dare to compete against other robots in a race through the CATACOMB (Competitive AI Track Always Constructed Of Mainly Bricks).   In this event, you must construct your OWN robot and program it to race through the CATACOMB.  Times will be compared against other robots, and there are opportunities for bonus marks.  Read the Event description for more information.

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