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Date night

The anticipation of tonight’s date with Len kept me cheery all day, even through a few frustrating lessons with the kiddies. We walked downtown to one of our favourite sushi restaurants, Kadoya. We had a relaxing, fun, carefree evening with delicious sushi. I’d forgotten how much I love sushi.

Len was right, when we have limited time together, we come to truly cherish every moment…like we did tonight. I’m eagerly looking forward to our next date night.


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Day off

A beautiful, peaceful day, spent with the people I love. Began the day with breakfast at Kanata’s, where we unburdened our hearts and minds with some quality girl talk. I left her place feeling freer and light hearted. 

Next, Len, my mom, and I visited Dad’s grave in West Van.  It brought about a mix of emotions…relieved that the memorial marker had finally been set, concerned for Mom’s state of mind, thankful for the sunny weather, glad that we had found such pretty flowers to place at the grave, and so sad at the thought that Dad was under the ground there.  I want to go there often, with hopes that it’ll become easier wih time.

We cheered ourselves up with lunch at Savary Island Pie Company, eating super tasty grilled chicken basil sandwiches and delicious strawberry rhubarb and blueberry pie slices. Then on to T&T where we loaded up on hot pot groceries for our feast tonight. Kanata came to savour it with us and it was a good evening of good food, good company, and good conversation.

A satisfying and memorable way to spend Moon Festival, and I am once again reminded of the many blessings in my life–surrounded by natural beauty here in this gorgeous city, full to the brim with so much amazing food, and being able to spend time with people I love and who love me.


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