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Tasty Perks

This is one of the perks (or dangers, depending on which perspective you take) of being a teacher during holiday times:

Mmmm chocolate. This represents only a portion of our loot so far from both my students and Len’s students. And there are still 3 more working days for me. 🙂 Anyone wanna come over for some chocolate and tea?

I also received this gift the other day:

No, not the beer, but the beer bread mix. With the easiest instructions ever!

All I had to do is mix in the beer!






Holy moley, bubbles!

And the finished product:

Our kitchen smelled like beer for the rest of the morning, much to my mother’s chagrin…

But it sure was tasty bread! The texture was delightful — crusty outside, very soft and light inside.


Mmm I love me some freshly baked bread… The only downside to this bread mix is that there was no ingredient list, so I have no idea what went into it other than the beer. Good thing I don’t have any food allergies! But that makes it harder for me to re-create my own version. But I shall persevere!

So yes, perks of being a teacher…did I mention I love my job? Well, on most days anyway. Although the one downside to being a teacher around this time of year is that it’s awfully difficult to get the kiddies to concentrate on their work when the rest of their days are filled with so much fun activity, tasty treats, and eager anticipation of the coming vacation. And who can blame them? I too have had my head in the clouds and often find myself daydreaming about the coming fun activities.

So I say, bring on the holidays!! 😀


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