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Christmas 2010 Part 1

It’s been a wonderfully happy, heartwarming week with Len’s parents. This Christmas was full of everything that I love best in life: fun outings and activities, lots of yummy food, and above all, quality time spent with the people I love.

Our first fun outing was to the Bloedel Conservatory, where we had so much fun learning about different exotic flowers and plants and being entertained by the birds there:







This little birdie was so cute!

And then there was this radiant plumage:



This little one was so sweet!


And this birdie flirted with us by cocking his head a lot and ruffling up his feathers until he was all floomphy!



On a grey and rainy day, it was the perfect little outing; it was warm and bright inside the conservatory, and we all had a fun time.



The adventures continued after we went home, where we tried a prickly (also called a cactus) pear for the first time:

The flesh is a gorgeous bright red colour:

Unfortunately, none of us liked the taste of the pear. I’m not sure if it was because the pear we tried was underripe, but it was pretty bland.

And for dinner, we had a new twist on an old tradition. Len told me that it was tradition in his family to order pizza on Christmas Eve to keep it simple and relax before the big cooking day on Christmas Day. I thought that sounded lovely and practical, so decided to keep that tradition, but with a slight twist. We made naan pizzas!


We also saw Len’s cousin Louise and her family that evening, which was fun and cozy. And of course, we worked hard on the crazy puzzle!

Then we snuggled down into our beds so that Santa Claus could come and put goodies in our stockings! Stay tuned for stories about our fun-filled Christmas morning! 🙂


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