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Christmas 2010 Part 2

Christmas morning was so much fun! We took everything at a leisurely pace and thoroughly enjoyed opening each and every gift. The morning was full of hearty laughter and fun surprises!

Len was Santa Claus and had the job of passing us all our various gifts:





“This phone is too fancy for me!” (No, it’s really not, Mom!)

Mmmm, coffee! Excellent… 😀




And now our mantel looks great with the gifts from Joe, Charmaine, and Mr. and Mrs. Pelletier!

And then came the stocking surprises! The best reaction was from Mr. Pelletier for his animated snowmen!


It’s a male and female snowman joined together, and when you press their faces together, the female one exclaims, “I loooove you! You really know how to jingle my bell! Meeerrry Christmas!!”, at which point the male one vibrates and jingles the bells on his cap. Soooo funny!! We all got such a hoot from it!

And then Mrs. Pelletier realized that Mr. Pelletier was gonna drive her crazy with that thing:

That’s my favourite picture from this holiday! 😀

Len got a GIANT calculator:

It was obviously too big to fit into the stocking, so I had thought up a witty little note to put into the stocking that would tell him where it was hidden. Unfortunately, I did not hide it well at all, cuz Len had found it beforehand. FAIL. I had better work on my hiding skills for next year. Or stick to something way smaller.

And then came my surprise from Len…

It was a Canon Powershot SD 1400!!!

I’ve been wanting a point-and-shoot camera for a long time now, but didn’t think I should spend money on one yet… Oh, I have such a nice husband!

Santa sure was good to us this year! I guess we musta been good!

The aftermath:

I spent the rest of the day in the kitchen; the Christmas food post is still to come! 🙂


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