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Things to Smile About

I’ve been feeling just a wee bit down lately, and I’m currently hibernating at home with a bit of a cold. So I’m gonna fill this post with lots of uplifting things! 

Starting with some fun photos from the 2nd half of October: 







I love the glorious colours of autumn! 

Here’s Len Tom Cruise running: 




And we had a fun dinner and Wii night with Min and Brevan: 





I also finally tried out and fell in love with kale chips! 


Who knew that kale could be so tasty? And super easy: take out the tough centre stalk, wash and dry the leaves, tear into bite-sized pieces, spread out on cookie sheet, drizzle with olive oil and whatever seasoning you want (I used seasoning salt), roast in a 375° oven for 15 mins. They turn out so thin and crispy, very much like a potato chip, but so much healthier! I call that a win. 

Finally, I want to include a few videos that have captured my attention. First up is a hilarious cat video: 


Then this video is just plain fun: 


My personal favourites were the dancing crabs on Christmas Island, Australia, the Demilitarized Zone, Korea, the awesome shot at Tongatapu, Tonga, and Bollywood dancing at Gurgaon, India. 🙂 And Vancouver got featured too! 

Just as fun are the outtakes: 


And to save the best for last is this amazing trailer for a movie about the oldest Holocaust survivor. Such an inspiring lady, beautiful in the deepest, most enduring sense of the word. 

What are some things that brighten your day?


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