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My Favourite Moments of 2011

This moment on the Inca Trail in Peru:

Glorious scenery. This picture does not even come close to doing it justice. And especially after 3 days of grueling hiking and rain, this moment with Len’s arm around me as we soak in the sun and stillness was simply unforgettable.


Listening to Percy (our guide) play the flute amidst the Andes mountains:

This was a very special moment for me. The sound of this traditional Andean flute is very similar to the Chinese bamboo flute, which my dad played all the time. It’s a sound that I miss very much. My dad was also a great worshipper of nature, specifically of mountains and greenery. Oh how he would have loved to see the sights we saw along the Inca Trail! I thought of this a lot as my eyes feasted upon the amazing scenery. This little pocket of time, with Percy’s flute music echoing high up in the mountains, remains a shining moment among my memories from Peru. For those few minutes, I was enveloped in comfort, sadness, joy, and above all, a sense of profound peace.


Overcoming my fear of yeast doughs and learning to bake my own breads, pizza doughs, and cinnamon buns:


Developing my Dragon and Pheonix Balls recipe:


Spending a sun-saturated weekend exploring Admiralty Point, SFU, and Bowen Island:


Learning all about my mother-in-law’s childhood in Vernon:

The few days we spent with Len’s parents in the Okanagan this past summer was beautiful in so many ways. It was lovely to see them, and to see and learn all about the places of Mrs. Pelletier’s childhood roams was so special. And I had no idea Vernon was so pretty!


Staying up all night to read The Hunger Games Trilogy:

For a few days this fall, I lived and breathed the world of Panem. It had been a long time since I had gotten so engrossed in a story, and I was so obsessed I even carved a Mockingjay pumpkin at Halloween.


Coining the word, Muff-Nut.

I baked some doughnuts for Len and Min’s birthday party; while they looked the part, the texture was rather cakey, sort of in between a muffin and a doughnut. And thus, the Muff-Nut was born. It has since quickly spread in popularity amongst our friends, and the word has simply become integrated into our vocabulary. The Muff-Nuts themselves are actually very yummy, despite their rather unfortunate name, and I ended up making a Christmas version this holiday. And when my cousin, Tina, Len and I teamed up at a rowdy game of Big Two after Christmas dinner, we named ourselves Team Muff-Nut and overwhelmingly dominated the game. I think it was all in the name. 🙂


Taking these pictures of a frosted spider web:


Spending the 2011 holiday season catching up with family and friends, and discovering anew all the simple and beautiful joys of life.

We stayed put this year and relaxed to the max. This past week, life slowed down to a deliciously mellow pace, and I feel rejuvenated and at peace. I have spent time doing all of my favourite things: catching up with friends and family, snuggling under blankets with Len watching movies, belting out Christmas carols at the top of my lungs, cooking, baking, and eating galore, and reveling in the wondrous nature that surrounds us.

I feel so very, very blessed.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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Final Lessons and Thoughts from 2010

So Christmas has come and gone, and I’m also finally finished with all the Christmas posts! (Wow, those took me a long time, and in my last post, internet explorer crashed on me and I ended up having to re-do half of the post! Lesson learned: always save drafts as you go!)

Speaking of lessons learned, I’ve been reflecting a lot on this past year and thinking about what were some of the greatest lessons that came my way. As I say goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011, I want to share with you 2 indelible thoughts that I had the privilege of hearing in the past week.

The first one came from Mrs. Pelletier a few days ago. We had all just come in from the nippy cold night air, and it reminded her of one day a long time ago… She was in a salon, getting her hair done, on a very cold day in Terrace; the women there were all shivering and griping to each other about the cold weather. Then in comes an older lady, in her 80’s, known for being very active still. And she just said, “this weather is so invigorating!” Mrs. Pelletier said she always remembers that comment, how it’s all in your attitude.

What a wonderful way of looking at life. Because we certainly can’t control what the weather is like, what little annoyances or catastrophes and tragedies might come our way; the only thing we can do is shift our perspective, manage how we think or feel about things.

This is something that I have been striving to implement in my life. One of my worst faults is that I worry incessantly, and tend to be negative and pessimistic. It is something I am trying to change everyday. Some days I’m more successful than others.

So the next time I’m annoyed by traffic, or weather, or other more serious life stresses, I will remember that I have the power to rise above the negativity by changing my attitude.

The second lesson came from Mr. Pelletier. One morning, I looked out our living room window at the snow-capped mountains in the distance, and remarked how beautiful they were, how beautiful this city is. Mr. Pelletier agreed, and we admired the scenery together for a few moments. Then he said, “Well, everyday is beautiful. Everyday that you’re alive is beautiful.”

And that about sums it up. I am still in the process of formulating my resolutions and goals for the new year, but I know that the most important goal I can make is to smile and laugh and feel thankful each and every day, to remember what a blessing it is to just be alive.

And with that, I’m off to ring in the new year with our dear friends! Have a safe and happy new year everyone!! 🙂


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