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Mr. Valentine’s Birthday

Today is Mr. Valentine’s 8th birthday!

Who is Mr. Valentine, you ask?

He’s my very special little bear who has, in my imagination, taken on a vivid and distinct personality!

He was given to me 8 years ago by my very sweet, very wonderful, very beautiful friend, Minnie.

Shortly before Valentine’s Day that year, she and I had gone shopping at Wal-Mart, where I came across a display full of identical little bears with 3 hearts on them. I immediately fell in love them. But I thought I already owned enough furry little stuffed animals and didn’t need yet another one, so I didn’t buy one.

Then about a week after Valentine’s Day, Minnie came home (she was my roommate at the time) and surprised me with one of the little bears! She said that she had gone back to Wal-Mart that day, and the display case that had been full of the little bears was gone, but she found just one left, all by himself in a big bin full of “scary big stuffed animals”. She felt sorry for him and brought him home to me.

Is Minnie not the sweetest person ever? 🙂

So we named him Mr. Valentine, and I guess technically his “birthday” is a week away. But Len and I came to “celebrate” his “birthday” on Valentine’s Day because we tend to shun the whole commercialization of this so-called holiday, and somehow, calling it Mr. Valentine’s Birthday made it seem sweeter and less hokey. Yah, go figure.

Anyhoos, we like to spend M.V.B together, having a good time and celebrating another wonderful year of our relationship. As I had to work today, we celebrated yesterday. And it was the best M.V.B yet!

It started with Len making me a yummy and creative breakfast!

That pancake was fluffy and light! I gotta discover his secret… 😉

Then we went snowshoeing!! It was my first time, and I loooooved it! I had so much fun, and it was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful on the trail. We were up on Mount Seymour, and it was foggy and snowing lightly. Peaceful. Quiet. Invigorating.




The snow was so deep!




At first, I had so much trouble figuring out how to put on the snowshoes (I have no idea why it seemed so hard at the time), but once I got them on, I rocked the whole snowshoeing thing, wouldn’t you say? 😉

It was lovely and romantic, and a pretty nice workout too!

When we finished the trail, it had gotten super foggy on top of the mountain.


I can’t wait to go snowshoeing again!

We made our way back down the mountain and had a soul-warming cup of mocha and a slice of lemon loaf.

Len’s face expressed how I felt as I took a sip of the rich, velvety mocha:

I was craving Pad Thai, so we went to Kam’s Place for dinner.

Mmmm. It was a tad too spicy for me though! My mouth was on fire!

After dinner, we wandered over to Chapters, where Len bought me this book that I’ve been eagerly looking forward to reading!

The Pioneer Woman is one of my favourite blogs, and this book is the story of how she met her “Marlboro Man”, fell in love, and started a life with him on an Oklahoma cattle ranch. I read the first few chapters last night and I’m hooked!

Over dinner, Len and I had a fun discussion about what we would consider to be the greatest love story ever, be it real or fictional. This had been a question posed on The Pioneer Woman’s blog awhile back, and it was such a fun discussion that I’ve given it more thought since then. At the time, I had answered on the blog with what I considered to be the best love stories of all time: Anne and Gilbert (from the Anne of Green Gables series), and Julia and Paul Child. I grew up reading about the romance of Anne and Gilbert, and their story has always held a special place in my heart. And what I know of Julia and Paul Child comes from the movie, “Julie and Julia”, so my vote for their love story is just based on my perception of it. I just melted when, in the movie, Paul toasts Julia with “You are the butter to my bread, the breath to my life”. *swoon*  After I watched that movie, I wrote Len a card that said, “You are the relish to my hot dog, the sunshine to my world”. Heee! 😉

But seriously, I just loved the way Julia and Paul’s relationship was portrayed in the movie. They just genuinely thought the world of each other, supported each other so unconditionally, and were simply happy together. And I know that they stayed happily married for the rest of their lives. To me, that is the essence of love.

I chose those two love stories because they represent the kind of romance and marriage that I aspire to, that I hope for in my own life. And as cheezy as it may sound, I think that I am already living the greatest love story that I know, with my own Marlboro Math Teacher Man. 😀


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