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The Wedding Party

The Maid of Honour: Kanata Soranaka

Susan met Kanata on their first day at UBC. These two budding musicians bonded through shared suffering in the dungeon known as the UBC Music Building. Their friendship reached greater heights when they became roommates, where they spent many nights chatting into the wee hours of the morning. Kanata is more than a friend to Susan. As only children, these two have adpoted each other as sisters. Susan couldn't imagine her special day without Kanata at her side.

The Best Man: Joe Pelletier

Joe and Len are stereotypical brothers: highly competitive, fought all the time when they were young, and now would be there for each other at the drop of a hat. Len especially admires Joe's sense of humour, his singular devotion to the game of Hockey, and his adventurous spirit. For Len's "bachelor party" they are going hiking for a week in the Canadian Rockies.