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Pre-Calculus 12

BC Ministry Curriculum

Useful Links:

  • Pre-Calc 12 Explained – good site for explanations and lots of extra practice
  • Learn Now BC – does have the new course Pre-Calc 12, but still has some bugs. You need to create an account.
  • Useful Applets (courtesy of Ron Blond)
  • Math 12 online study guide – still old curriculum, but again still useful for Transformations, Logs, Trig and Combinatorics.
  • BC Math 12 lessons – note much of the old curriculum is still in the new course, here Ch. 1-6 are still applicable.
  • Quiz me BC – go to Principles of Math 12 (old course), but units on Polynomials, Logs, and Trig are still applicable.
  • Absolute Value Publications – a different workbook available to buy if you want more practice, note this is also available at the Academic Books at 4th and Alma.
  • Pearson Canada – another workbook option for more practice.