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Incoming Grade 7’s

Grade 7 students coming into Math 8 at Lord Byng in September. It is very strongly suggested that over the summer you download and do the following two review packasges. Success in Math 8 is highly dependent on having mastered the skills in elementary school math you should have learned by now.

Gr 7 review part 1

Gr 7 review part 2

Below you can find links to explanations, videos, and extra practice. So any topic in the review packages that you struggled with, see below to find helpful remedial links. – Great site to play games to review

Divisibility Rules
Math is Fun – Divisibility Rules
Khan Academy Video – Divisibility tests for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10
Lesson and Examples
Divisibility Quiz

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of integers
Math is Fun – Addition
Math is Fun – Subtraction
Math is Fun – Multiplication
Math is Fun – Division
Self-Grade Questions

Operations with decimals
Khan Academy – decimals
Operations with decimals
Practice and review

Percents from 1% to 100%
Math is fun – Percent
Math is fun – Percentage
Khan Academy Video – The meaning of percent
Percent and Ratio Practice Questions
Percentage Test

Addition and subtraction of positive fraction and mixed numbers
Math is fun – Adding and Subtracting Mixed Fractions
Khan Academy Video
Fractions Worksheets

Addition and subtraction of integers
Math is fun – Whole Numbers
Math is fun – Positive Negative Integers
Math is fun – Number Line
Khan Academy Video – Sum of integers
Lesson and Examples
Intergers Worksheets

Table of values and graphs of linear relations
Math is fun – Linear Equation
Khan Academy Video – Plugging in Values
Khan Academy Video – Plotting x,y Relationships
Linear Relations Practice Questions
Linear Relations Practice Test

Preservation of equality
Math is Fun – Equality
Equald sign Practices

Expressions and equations
Khan Academy Vedio – Variables, expressions, and equations
Exponential Expressions and Equations Practice Questions

One-step linear equation
One-step equations with multiplication Practice
One-step equations with addition and subtraction Practice

Properties of circles
Math is Fun – Circle
Khan Academy Vedio – area of a Circle
Tangents and Circles Practices
Circles Multiple Choice Practice

Area of triangles, parallelograms, and circles
Math is Fun – Area
Area of Triangels Practices
Khan Academy Vedio – Area of a parallelogram
Khan Academy Vedio – Area of a circle