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Math 8 Workbook – Parent (and student) Guide

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NOTE: With the curriculum change for 2016-2017, most of the classes are using a new workbook, Theory and Practice for Mathematics 8.  The Lord Byng Grade 8 workbook, for which the material below was assembled, has been revised, and is still available to students seeking extra practice.   The links below are intended to be an addendum to our book, helping parents and students review topics and giving students extra practice.

Unit 1: Number Sense

Basic Number Laws

1.2 Divisibility
Divisibility Rules
Dvisibility Rules and Practice

1.3 Factors and Multiples
Finding all Factors of a Number
Jeopardy Practice
Printable Practice Worksheet on Factors

1.4 Prime and Composite Numbers
Prime and Composite Numbers
Prime Number Chart and Checker Tool
Primes and Composite Numbers
Even and Odd Numbers

1.5 Prime Factorization
Prime Factorization
Factor Trees Practice

1.6 GCF and LCM
GCF and LCM – Using Prime Factorization
GCF – Not Using Prime Factorization
LCM – Not using prime factorization

1.7 Integers: Addition and Subtraction
The Number Line
How to Add/Subtract Positve and Negative Integers
More Explanation and Practice
Add/Subtract Integers Worksheet

1.8 Integers: Multiplication and Division
Multiplying Negatives
Extra Practice
Video – Explanation of Multiplying Integers
Multiplying and Dividing Integers Worksheet

1.8 Operations with Zero and One
Dividing by Zero

Unit 2: Rational Numbers

2.1 Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Working with Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers

2.2 Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Adding Fractions
Subtracting Fractions
More Practice

2.3 Multiplying Fractions
Multipliying Fractions
Video – Cancelling When Multiplying

2.4 Dividing Fractions
Dividing Fractions
Video – Dividing Fractions

2.5 Changing Fractions in to Decimals
Converting Fractions to Decimals
Converting Decimals to Fractions

2.6 Multiplying and Dividing with Powers of 10
Multiplying with Powers of 10

2.7 Combined Operations with Decimals
Addition of Decimals
Subtraction of Decimals
Multiplication of Decimals
Division of Decimals

Unit 3: Ratios, Rate and Percent

3.1 Ratios and Proportions
Ratios and Proportions
Solving Proportions

3.2 Rate
Units of Measurement
Unit Price
Video – Calculating Rates

3.3 Percents
Percents Menu
Introduction to Percents
Decimals, Fractions and Percentages
Percent Change
Finding Percent

3.4 Percent of a Number
Calculating Percent of a Number
Percent Game
Finding Percent of a Number
Calculating Percent Worksheet

3.5 Applications of Percent
Calculating Interest [Simple Interest only in Math 8]
Commission Definition
Commission Practice
Graduated Commission

Unit 4: Algebra – Algebra Index
Algebra Glossary
Patterns – A Good Place to Start Before Algebra

4.1 Evaluating Expressions
Order of Operations
Order of Operations Worksheet
Subsituting Values for Variables
Evaluating Expressions Worksheet

4.2 Like Terms and the Distributive Property
Like Terms
Basic Number Laws – Includes Distributive Property
Expanding Brackets (The Distributive Property)
Like Terms Worksheet
Distributive Property Worksheet

4.3 Writing Expressions and Equations
Writing Algebraic Expression
Writing Equations
Writing Expressions Worksheet

4.4 Solving One and Two Step Equations
Introduction to Algebra
Algebra Balance
Solving Simple Equations by Multiplying
One Step Equations Worksheet

4.5 Multi-Step Equations
Two Step Equations – Practice Worksheet
Multi Step Equations – Practice Worksheet
Practice Worksheets on Using Distributive Property
Practice Worksheets on Using Like Terms

4.6 Problems
Problem Practice

Unit 5: Exponents and Square Roots

5.1 Exponents and Bases
Basic Definitions – Note: Negative exponents are not in Math 8, but are very useful in Science.

5.3 Exponent Laws
Exponent Laws – Note: Fractional exponents are not in Math 8!

5.4 Roots
Square Roots

5.5 The Pythagorean Theorem
Pythagorean Theorem
Algebraic Proof

Unit 6: Geometry

Geometry Index

6.1 Angles
Measuring Degrees
Complementary Angles
Supplementary Angles
Straight Angles
Angles around a Point

6.2 Parallel Lines and Tranversals
Parallel Lines
Transversal Definition
Interactive Parallel Lines

6.3 Triangles
Classifying Triangles
Interior Angles of Triangles (and other polygons)
Right Triangles
Proof that Triangles contain 180 degrees
Interactive Triangles
Practice Questions

6.4 Quadrilaterals
Introduction to Quadrilaterals
Interactive Quadrilaterals

Unit 7: Two Dimensional Measurement

7.1 Perimeter
Basic Definition

7.2 Area
What is Area?
Area of Different Shapes
Area Calculator – should only ever be used to check an answer
Area Practice Questions

7.3 Circles: Area and Circumference
The Magical Number Pi
Approximating Pi Activity
Practice Problems
Circles – Extra Problems – ok to use calculator on these

Unit 8: Data Analysis

8.1 Coordinates and Graphing
Cartesian Coordinates
Interactive Coordinates
Click on the Coordinate game
The Number Line
Straight Line Graphs

8.2 Graphing Data I (Line Graphs)
Make Your Own Line Graph
Examples of Line Graphs
Line Graphs

8.3 Graphing Data II (Other Types of Graphs)
Bar, Line and Circle Graphs
Showing Results of a Survey

Bar, Line and Circle Graphs 
Circle Graphs/Pie Charts
Line Graphs

Wikipedia Link
Some practice examples

8.4 Probability
Interactive Spinner – experimental probability
Neat discussion of Random Words – enrichment only

8.5 Independent Events

Independent Events
Types of Events