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Fun day

Today was filled with things that I love best: awesome company with awesome friends, the great outdoors, and delicious food.

The day started with an outing to Buntzen Lake (my first time out that way!).  We had grand designs for running the distance around the lake, but my intense lower back pain caused us to scale back to walking. (I have no idea what’s causing the pain and did I mention I need more drugs?!!) It was beautiful there, and I only wish that I had my camera with me while we were trekking around the lake. Methinks I need a smaller camera to take with me on my runs.

Afterwards we sat at a picnic table and ate a light lunch of PB & J sandwiches, which, albeit very tasty in their own right, were inevitably a tad bit disappointing as we smelled the delicious aromas around us of others’ food cooking…BBQ meats and the like.

Although Len seems pretty excited here about his sandwich...

 Then tonight we gathered at Kanata’s place for food and games with Min, Ruth, and Sunday.

After dinner we had rousing games of Big 2 and Murder!

Kanata's 4 aces!

 We were all enjoying ourselves…

…and some of us put forth our best poker faces…

…while others fell victim to a hysterical case of the giggles…

I love seeing my friends happy.


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