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Weekend TV and Eats

Weekend has come and gone. It was grand.

Saturday night we had hot pot:

In the spread:

  • beef slices
  • prawns
  • geoduck slices
  • fish tofu, fried tofu, bean curd sheets, and a Japanese kind of tofu that I don’t remember the name for
  • fish balls, taro balls
  • tilapia fillets
  • pile o’ vegetables: suey choy, lettuce, lotus root, snap peas, chayote, oyster mushroom
  • udon

My favourite in any hot pot is the udon at the end. The noodles just soak up all the flavours in the broth that was made so tasty by all the other food that had gone in it. YUM.

Today was a relaxing day off for me. Went grocery shopping, running with Len, tried a new yogurt:

It was pretty good. Tasted a lot like the Source yogurt we usually have. My favourite is still the Biobest.

What’s your favourite brand of yogurt?

And we had naan pizzas tonight:

Mine had 2 different halves: one side had spicy capicollo, spinach, mushroom, green onion, and mozza, while the other had ham, zucchini, peppers, pineapple, and cheddar. I couldn’t decided which side I preferred.

And all this was leading up to the main event(s) of the day: season premieres of The Amazing Race and Battle of the Blades!

BOTB was so much fun to watch. It was a preview night, focussing on introducing all the competitors and their interactions during the boot camp before they got paired up. It was funny to watch all the hockey players struggle while donning figure skates for the first time. Not to mention when they got their first ballet lesson! I’m so excited to watch them learn and grow through this season–there are some exciting match-ups!  Without having seen any of the pairings yet, I am most looking forward to seeing Shae-Lynn Bourne and Ekaterina Gordeeva with their respective partners. Shae-Lynn has really captured my attention in recent years with her innovative, creative style and her driven attitude, and of course, I have always adored watching Katia do anything on the ice and you might say I’ve long held quite a girl crush on her! Can’t wait for next week!

And then TAR!! What an awesome first episode it was. Full of comedy gold, interesting cast, and of course, Phil! This leg’s winners got a new prize: the Express Pass. With it, they can bypass any task they don’t want to do on future legs (up to the 8th leg). That’s potentially HUGE. So I got to thinking what I might potentially use this pass for. You know, in the very likely scenario that I would be racing on the Amazing Race, of course. A team could use this to get out of doing something they fear. Which has always been such a big part of this race–the testing of your limits, the facing of your deepest fears. I’m not sure what would be my biggest challenge/fear. I do have a mild fear of heights, which, on occasion, I’ve discovered may not be so mild afterall. I don’t have any upper body strength at all. Or much strength anywhere for that matter. So I would most likely have trouble with strength challenges. Now, I eat practically anything under the sun, but I can see that some teams might use this to bypass a food challenge. And we the viewers might get saved from having to watch yet another team puke up some ethnic delicacy.

What would you use the pass for? What are your most intense phobias that you’d have to face on such a race?

Fun, fun night of television. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!


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