36 Hours in Regina

July 25

This past weekend we went on a super brief excursion to Regina for my cousin Steven’s wedding. We were gone for such a short time, but it felt much longer, because we really packed it in and had so much fun!

The ceremony was on Willow Island, this idyllic little island in the middle of Wascana Lake. The weather had been threatening rain, but in true fairytale form, the sun came peeking out shortly before the wedding was to begin, and continued to shine brighter and brighter throughout the ceremony.

We took a little ferry across to the island:

My gorgeous mom:

Len and I were blissfully relaxed and happy the whole weekend. It was lovely to have a whole weekend together, with no work and only fun to think about:

Here comes the man of the hour!

And the beautiful bride, Linda!

It was a lovely ceremony…

The happy couple!

The “love sand”, as Len calls it ūüėõ :

After the ceremony, my mom, Len, and I enjoyed a late lunch at Montana’s, where Len and I had too much fun with the crayons and brown paper table toppers:

The¬†lame doodling was mine, while the cool dinosaur was Len’s…

After lunch, we took a drive through our old neighborhood, sneaking a peak at our old house and seeing what changes the new owners had made (not a whole lot, so it was nicely nostalgic). The most special part of the afternoon was when we spotted Mickey on the street, a lovely lady who lived across from us all those years. We stopped and chatted with her for awhile, and it was wonderful.

Then it was back to the Regina Inn, where the reception was held. My only responsibility for the night was about a half hour of piano playing while the guests arrived, and after that, the night was a blur of good food, funny speeches, and lots of crazy fun dancing. And in the process, I only managed to snap a handful of lame photos in crappy lighting…whoops.

And unfortunately, this blurry photo is the only one we got with the three of us (my mom, Len, and I) together:

But rest assured, ridiculous fun was had by all, and it was so nice to catch up with family, especially my cousin, Tina:

The next morning,we met up with my high school friend, Marie, her husband Ricky, and her 21 month old baby boy, Alex:

Little Alex is super cute, and it was wonderful to catch up with Marie!

All in all, it was a fun-filled, relaxing trip, with lots of fun, funny, and special moments to remember!


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