AP Computer Science

About the Course

  1. Course Outline
  2. About the AP Exam
  3. Exam Countdown (by Andy Liang)
  4. Java Style Guide for this course.
  5. An excellent Java textbook, available in interactive format and as a PDF.

Unit 1. Java Basics

  1. Number Systems
  2. Compilers, Interpreters, and Java. (P. 15-20 in the textbook)
  3. Java and Math.
    • Notes on variables, types, integer math, and Math operations.
    • Download some example questions on integers and doubles.
  4. Making Decisions
  5. Repetition
  6. Methods
  7. Practice Problems
    • Download the practice assignment, which contains 4 complex problems to be solved in BlueJ. Due Monday October 23rd. GL HF!
    • Rock, Paper, Scissors assignment description
  8. Unit Review

Unit 2. Strings

  1. Do Coding Bat String-1 (all)
  2. Do Coding Bat String-2 (all)
  3. Do Coding Bat String-3 (all)
  4. Strings Practice Assignment ft. PPAP, Palindromes, Binary Conversion, and Pig Latin
  5. Strings Review

Unit 3. Arrays and ArrayLists

1D Arrays

  1. Video Lesson
  2. Do Coding Bat Array1 (all questions) [Help Docs]
  3. Do Coding Bat Array2, first column.
  4. Choose one of: Do Array 2 (2nd and 3rd columns) or Array 3 (all)

2D Arrays

  1. Watch this video about 2D Array fundamentals.
  2. Do the Rotten Potato 2D arrays assignmnet in BlueJ. Due next class.
  3. Chomp Project Files


  1. ArrayList Assignment

Exam Prep

  1. Study Guide
  2. 10 Data Structures Questions

Unit 4. Object Oriented Design (Part 1)

  1. Unit Vocabulary List
  2. Our Fraction Assignment
  3. Our VocabList Class
  4. Video Tutorial 1: Where am I? Plus info on Instance Variables and a discussion on the compareTo() function
  5. Video Tutorial 3: examples of some of the accessor methods and how to test them.
  6. Video Tutorial 2: (mostly) how to do the constructors.
  7. Array Lists of Objects
  8. Reference solution for Fraction Class
  9. Reference solution for VocabList Class
  10. Review Questions, Answers

Unit 5. Algorithms

  1. Searching Algorithms
    1. Sequential Sort
    2. Binary Search
  2. Sorting Algorithms:
    1. Selection Sort
    2. Insertion Sort
    3. Mergesort
  3. Recursion Review
  4. Algorithm Pros/Cons Review

Unit 6: Inheritence and Polymorphism

  1. Inheritence and Polymorphism Slides
  2. Example classes
  3. Video finishing the slideshow (April 11)

Exam Preparation

  1. A Review of Tricky Questions
  2. Old AP Compsci Free Response Questions and Answers
  3. Answers for old exams
  4. The AP Java Subset: This is a list of all the parts of Java that you will be tested on, and some useful reminders about what you will NOT be tested on.
  5. The Java subset document does not go into heavy detail, so I wrote this additional study guide to flesh it out.
  6. Read page xii in the Baron's Guide introduction for some good advice about writing the Multiple-Choice and Free-Response sections of the exam.